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Scratchbuilt Titan Containters

I've recently posted some photos of our board in the Arkham City Limits Facebook group and as the scratchbuilt Titan containers shown in some of the pictures got interest from the members inmates of the ACL, I've decided to do a quick step-by-step here.
Sorry for the lack of pictures for the particular steps - I did those containers a few months back and didn't take the pictures back then, hopefully the description will be detailed enough to guide you through the process smoothly.

Scratchbuilt Titan Containters

Materials and Tools:
- 30mm round lipped base
- empty syringe (22-23mm diameter)
- some bits from Pegasus Hobbies Chemical Plant kit
- Gloss Mod Podge
- Tamiya 6mm masking tape
- a bit of sponge foam (e.g. from the miniature blisters)
- old brush
- modelling saw
- superglue
Paints and Painting Mediums:
- acrylic spray: brown and gray
- Vallejo Model Color: Orange Red, Marron Brown, Yellow Green, Flat Red
- Vallejo Model Air: Light Grey, White
- Vallejo Glaze Medium, Vallejo Chipping Medium

Container Body:
1. Use a modelling saw to cut off the tip of the syringe and about 5cm of the syringe tube. DON'T glue the tube to the base yet
2. Use the superglue to add the chemical container bits from the Chemical Plant kit to the titan container: you need to have access to the interior of the syringe tube, so add the 'dome' at the top of the container (where the syringe tip was) and the ring at the bottom (where you made the cut on the tube with a modelling saw).
3. Place a piece of 6mm masking tape where the container window should be, going from the top to the bottom of the container.
Basecoat and Rust:
4. With the base still off, spray paint the piece with brown acrylic spray.
5. Use a bit of blister foam to add random patches of light brown and orange where the rust should be.
6. Still using the blister foam, add the Vallejo Chipping Medium on top of those random splotches of brown and orange.
7. Cover the whole piece with grey acrylic spray.
8. Highlight with airbrush, using VMA Light Grey and VMA White.
9. Gently peel off the masking tape and rub the places where you used the Chipping Medium, so the rusty bits will show. With the body of the container built and painted, it's time to add some Titan to the piece!
10. Mix some VMC Yellow Green with gloss Mod Podge (1:1) and some Vallejo Glaze Medium (4-5 drops). Try to smear the mix on the piece of plasticard - it should leave semi-translucent streaks of yellowish green. Add more Mod Podge or a bit of water if the streaks are too opaque for your taste.
11. Use an old brush to add the Titan mix to the inside of the containter, where the window is. Use about 3 layers, starting with just some random streaks and swirls on the whole window, and following with 2-3 thick layers at the bottom half of the container.
Basing and Final Details:
12. Glue the container to a lipped 30mm base.
13. Using a tiny brush and some VMC Flat Red, paint a scale on the side of the window and a Titan sign somewhere on the side of the whole piece. You may want to add a tiny streaks of red to the Titan sign to simulate the use of a spray paint.

The finished piece used in our BMG games:

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