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Batman The Animated Series Batmobile (Repaint)

You know what's hard? Explaining to your fiancée why did you order four different Batmobiles.*

You know what's much easier? Getting one of those Batmobiles to look like the one from your beloved animated series.

Best. Animated Series. Ever.

The Batman Automobilia collection by Eaglemoss contains some stunning models, most of them in the right scale for the Batman Miniature Game. On the other hand, those models come unpainted, so if you're planning to use them for your BMG board the lack of shading may be quite striking next to fully painted buildings and miniatures. In the case of Batman: The Animated Series Batmobile this is even more of a problem, as the shape of the model itself is much, much simpler than, for example, the two Batmobiles from Arkham video games.

I've decided to get my airbrush and get that lovely model from Eaglemoss looking a bit closer to what I knew from the Animated Series. Here's a step-by-step of what I did:

The Batmobile freshly out of the box.

Primed with Vallejo Grey Primer.

The edges were painted with VMA Intermediate Blue with some Airbrush Flow Improver and Glaze Medium added.
This followed with a layer of VMA Signal Blue...
...and a mix of Signal Blue, Blue and White (1:1:1).
Pure VMA White was then used for the most extreme highlights.
I've used VMA Black to paint most of the body, leaving the brighter highlights only on the edges, curved piece of the hood and the front and rear lights.
Chrome parts and the windshield were painted by hand, using a combination of wet blending and simple block highlighting. I've used some VMA Yellow mixed with VMA White (1:1) to paint the front lights.
Finished model on the streets of Gotham.
How do you like the model? Are you planning to repaint or convert some of your Eaglemoss Batmobiles too? Please let me know in the comments!

*Actually, it's not that hard; I'm making a BatCave board and as we both play BMG, she was quite enthusiastic about it.

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