wtorek, 1 września 2015

BMG in 15mm?

Before I moved on to playing BMG as it was intended to (that is, with 35mm Knight Models miniatures), I made several characters from the Batman mythos by converting several 15mm scale miniatures. Below you can see some of those minis:
Batman - gloves, boots and the mask made from ProCreate were added to a Rebel Minis superhero.

Robin - another Rebel Minis miniature, with the right hand, Bo, mask and the cape sculpted from ProCreate

Catwoman - Rebel Minis miniature with a collar, cat, goggles, cat's ears, belt buckle and a whip sculpted from ProCreate

Riddler - Highlander Studios miniature with a hand from Rebel Minis miniature and a question mark and mask sculpted from ProCreate

Two-Face - a Khurasan Miniatures mini converted by scratching the side of his face with a scalpel and turning the hand upside down with the modelling pliers

Bane - conversion from Rebel Minis miniature. The mask and the venom pump were made from ProCreate putty.

Joker - sculpted from scratch with BeesPutty.

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